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Bluetooth smart portable voice translator - NEW Upgrade 2019 (4 color)

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Bluetooth smart portable voice translator

Instant Real-time language translator Bluetooth Voice Translator
Item for Backpackers, Tourist, Student and Business
Items for you to not miss. To reap the experience, It will help you to not miss communication with the locals, understand the food menu, travel in rural areas. And allows you to communicate in an emergency state

Harvest experience
Don't miss out on an adventure.

T4 - Bluetooth Voice Translator 

  • Products will help facilitate your various overseas locations. Travel in areas where no people are traveling. Experience the nature of the place before others.
  • Products that help with communication and also help you if you are a student learning foreign languages.
  • Products to help you negotiate business Business opportunity So you do not miss the opportunity to communicate in a situation that lacks a language interpreter.



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